Leadership Trail Botswana


Leadership Trail Botswana

Invitation to the journey of a lifetime….




The New Financial Forum Foundation would like to point out the most special journey you can make in your life. This very special leadership trail will be organized in 2022 or 2023. Then we will trek with a small group for five days, led by experienced South African wilderness guide Alan McSmith, through the very last primeval wilderness in the world: the Okavanga Delta in Botswana. Nowhere else will you feel the power of nature as strongly as in the Okavanga Delta. Nowhere else you are able to make a real connection with nature, yourself and your purpose in live. Or as Alan McSmith puts it: “The more you explore the wilderness, the more you explore yourself.”


The number of participants is limited: a maximum of ten. You can register or express your interest by sending an email to willem@newfinancialforum.nl. We will organize an extensive information meeting and give all information about the trip (what exactly can you expect, how do you prepare, what clothes do you need, and so on).


I hope you are able to join this once in a life time journey.



Find here the program of the trail: Okavango Leadership Trail

Read also his article in the New Financial Magazine: www.newfinancialforum.nl/magazine/herfst-2021/26


This Leadership Trail was planned for June 2022, but due to corona in last years and due to the tension in the world we postpone this Trail until later in 2022 or 2023. We will of coourse do this in consultation with participants. The content of the program does not change.


Departure Amsterdam Day 1

Arrival Johannesburg Day 1

Stay at Stay City Lodge ORT Airport Departure Johannesburg Day 1

Arrival Maun, Sunday Day 2

Aircharter Maun to Oddballs Camp Day 2


Back to Oddball Camp Day 7

Aircharter Oddballs Camp to Maun Junie Day 8

Departure Maun Day 8

Arrival Johannesburg Day 8

Departure Johannesburg Day 8

Arrival Amsterdam Day 9



The Okavanga Delta is a protected wilderness. We organize the trip on a non-profit basis. The trip costs 6.950 euros per person, including airline tickets, guides and accommodation, excluding VAT, travel insurance, vaccinations (DTP and Hepatitis A), covid procedures (printed proof of vaccination).


More information and registration

Willem Vreeswijk, willem@newfinancialforum.nl, 06-10630149.

More information about the trail: www.alanmcsmith.com/